Tuesday, April 29, 2008

To El Salvador

So at the beginning of April I managed to go back home to El Salvador.
This was a great chance to catch up with relatives who I had not seen
in years and also to continue working on a project that I started back in 90'S.
It deals with documenting the fishermen of El Salvador particularly in the
area near the island of Meanguera in the Gulf of Fonseca. as you
can see my lunch at my aunt's house was fresh. This chicken made for a great soup
on the first day I arrived in San Salvador. Before I dedicated my efforts to photographing
the fishermen on the coast I decided to spend sometime at the beach in the central
part of the country called Costa del Sol. Just being near the ocean my senses were
coming back to life. Traffic jams on the way to the beach become come in four legs.

Soon after seeing the beach I headed to the town of Suchitoto which is located
in the mountainous region east of San Salvador. Suchitoto is where a lot of my family
came from but were forced to leave because of the civil war in the 80's. The church
in the plaza is a sight to see. Built by the Spanish in the 1850's the church pretty much
looks the same as it does today. Currently, it is going through a renovation in the
interior where architects discovered an under laying fresco hiding behind a layer of paint.
It will be revealed in the months to come. The door seen in the third photo is a typical door
from a house on a side street off the main plaza. It remains as it did some fifty years ago.
I'll posting some images of the fishermen project in the days to come. I shot film and scanning
it is a tedious process.